Pampering A New Brand


When Universal Companies, a spa resources supplier, rebranded in 2018 they wanted to unveil the new initiative in a big way. They came to us looking for something to give their team on the day they unveiled the new logo and marketing materials. After diving into the new brand with the marketing team, we knew that we had one shot to help them make the impact they needed.

We suggested that in order to help ease the transition from old to new, they needed an alignment tool. For this project, that came in the form of a custom gift bag filled with new branded goodies. We included a soft, tri-blend tee shirt, a high quality journal book with debossed logo, ink pens and one of our favorite coffee mugs.

All of the products were shipped to our office where we sorted and labeled each bag for the individual team members. Once all of the manual labor was done, we coordinated the logistics of a timed arrival of the bags at all of their office locations in the US and China. When the big reveal was made, the employees were ecstatic with many of them immediately changing into their new shirts and making coffee in their new mugs.

In the end, the response to the new brand was so positive, we would go on to help Universal Companies organize and curate a company store where items of all kinds could be ordered with the new branding.

Every year, Universal Companies sends out over 100,000 resource catalogs to clients across the country. This catalog is highly anticipated every year, so we knew we needed to make it memorable and useful. Our solution was to develop custom sticky flag inserts that would not only allow users to flag their favorite products, but also keep the brand top of mind.

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