A New Healthcare
Brand Is Launched

The team from the Ballad Foundation came to us looking for custom products that would motivate their team for community fundraising efforts as well as show off the new brand to the community. We knew that their new logo looked best in its full-color execution and set out to source unique products that would let it shine.

We came back with the idea of creating beautiful custom socks and stunning black soft shell jackets. In short, the campaign team was thrilled. They thought the ideas were unique and completely different from all of the other “stuff” that they had offered in the past.

Not only are branded socks on trend, fun, and unisex, but they were a perfect way to bring a positive sentiment to the new brand. From nurses and administrative staff to the executive suite, they brought a smile to everyone who received them.

When it came to the jackets, we wanted them to not only look great, but fit great as well. With a modern cut and extra length (something truly appreciated by the women that received them) the jackets were a great alternative to the traditional, boxy cuts of unisex jackets that they had seen in the past.

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